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The Challenge of Giving

By Chris Sallade When I was 5 years old, my great grandfather gave me a Marsh Wheeling cigar box with a handful of pennies and nickels in it.  I never spent those coins and eventually I began to add my own.  I would roam parking lots looking […]

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Success at Princeton

By Anna Megill Who decides whether someone is successful at Princeton? Who decides whether someone is successful at life? When I am teaching the freshman women’s Bible study, we try to address the issue of success and identity early on in the fall. I tell the freshmen […]

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Five things you should know about ministry in the Ivy League

From David Keddie College ministry always keeps you on your toes.  With complete turnover of students every four years among the undergraduates, cultural and generational changes come fast and often.  Recent years have seen the rise of constant communication, constant distraction, and an ever more diverse student […]

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The Good News Is Jesus

From Danielle Sallade The sophomore and junior women’s Bible study in PEF is studying the Gospel of Mark this year.  We began our study by asking, what does this word gospel in Mark 1:1 mean?  What does the word gospel tell us about the content to follow? […]

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A Prayer for the Year

From Debbie Boyce: This year, as has become my practice the last couple of years, I opened the PEF senior women’s Bible study with an encouragement from Psalm 20. I use this Psalm at the beginning of the year together with the senior women because this psalm […]

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