Who We Are

Princeton Evangelical Fellowship (PEF)


We are students. PEF is made up of approximately 80+ undergraduate and graduate students who come out to our Bible studies, large group meetings, and meet for together for discipleship, fun, worship, and service.

We are staff. PEF has eight full-time staff members, all graduates of Princeton, who serve the fellowship by leading, teaching, providing discipleship, and serving the student body and the alumni community.

We are alumni. Having existed since 1931, PEF has over 1000+ alumni who live all throughout the country and throughout the world.

We are followers of Jesus Christ. Most of all, PEF seeks to be a community who is defined by a shared love and commitment to Jesus Christ.


24 Moore St. Princeton, NJ 08542
Phone: (609) 921-2124
Campus Address: 36 Murray Dodge


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