What is PEF?


PEF (Princeton Evangelical Fellowship) is a campus ministry at Princeton. At PEF, students and staff work together to provide a community for Christian believers at the University. We worship God together, hang out together, serve together, and learn together. Maybe you are trying to decide whether Princeton is the school for you, or maybe you already know you’re coming; either way we hope that this section of our website will help you get to know PEF.

We also hope that thinking and learning about PEF will challenge you to consider, even more seriously, the possibilities for involvement in Christian community as a undergraduate or graduate student, no matter where you end up going to school. Our passion is to see students grow in their knowledge, faith, and commitment to Jesus Christ, and we hope that we can be an encouragement to you, wherever you are!


24 Moore St. Princeton, NJ 08542
Phone: (609) 921-2124
Campus Address: 36 Murray Dodge


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