Bible Studies

Undergraduate Students

During your years as an undergraduate student, PEF seeks to provide a cohesive plan of study that will equip you with a solid Biblical foundation and practical wisdom to help you both navigate your life as a Christian on the University campus and to prepare you for life after college.

Freshman Bible study provides an overview from Genesis to Revelation. Together we follow God’s plan of redemption and salvation as it unfolds through the whole narrative of the Bible.
Sophomores enter into an in-depth study of the book of Ephesians, with a focus on community building and Bible study methods.
Juniors continue to study individual Biblical books, like Mark or Romans, to further their understanding of gospel foundations and daily applications.
Seniors learn to present their own Bible studies, as well as focusing in on topics that will grow in importance as they draw near to graduation: topics like managing money, career, relationships, gender roles, and church structure.

Graduate Students

Grad Students, Post-Docs and faculty meet together in small group for accountability and study. The individual topics and Biblical books discussed can vary by group and are decided together by the individual members and leaders.

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